our heritage


We began life as Open To Arts in 2006 and evolved into Open To Create... in 2011.

Our director Anna B Sexton is passionate about power of creativity to inspire self esteem and boost confidence. She is a practicing artist and been a freelance creative consultant since 2003.

Our clients value Anna's "openness, honesty, and her ability to shake things up with new ideas, thinking and fun activities – she is a breath of fresh air!"

Our motto is ‘you don't have to be an artist to be creative’.

 our TEAM

Anna works alongside a Team of experienced creative associates.

Open To Create... is part of a global network of creative people and organisations who we are able to call upon to grow your new project.


To raise the status of creativity and champion creativity in all walks of life.

We know that everybody is creative.

We help to grow people's creativity to boost their confidence and self esteem.

We believe in:

Access to creative education for all

Enhancing self esteem and confidence through creativity

The creation of a more equal and sustainable world


Our values are embodied in our 7 C's of Open To Create... and our Give as We Grow Scheme.



Our logo was originally designed by artist Alex Beeching in 2011 and re-freshed in 2016 by Ellen Stewart.

The three circles represent Self / Others / Life.

Where each cirle overlaps represents those 'sweet spots' when we are in the creative flow of our life. When you feel on top of your game and you uphold and create your values, respect others and life itself.

Our aim is to support you to re-ignite the connection, buzz and synergy between these parts of your life.