achieve your creative goals

Creative career coaching helps you develop your leadership skills, achieve your career goals and grow into your best self. You will become more open to everyday creativity at work, home and play...


First test drive us with a Creative MOT - it's like getting under the bonnet of your life.

We working face to face at your offices, our HQ or over Skype or Phone. 

Your sessions typically last between 1 hour to 3 hours.

Buy into a package lasting between 4 – 12 months.

You will work with Anna B Sexton, a certified Cultural Leadership Programme coach.

Our coaching is flexible, we work with individuals, groups and organisations.

We offer training in coaching and communication skills for your team.


Renewed sense of focus, purpose and vision.

Totally new ideas, connections and pathways to solving long standing problems.

Feeling more grounded, centred and resilient.

Greater success in securing new more 'you' aligned work and increased income.

our clients say


“Anna’s coaching was fantastic. It helped me think clearly and creatively.

Working freelance can be very hard, there is no obvious career path and goals can sometimes come adrift.

The coaching process with Anna has ensured that I have a clear direction, increased confidence and have made important life decisions which are now bearing fruit.”

— Helen Cadbury, Crime Novelist


 “Anna!! Her bounding enthusiasm and interesting ideas. Also I like meeting others and helping them with my thoughts in our Creative group coaching masterminding sessions.”

— Loren Eley media professional, radio broadcaster & blogger

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