Re-light your creative mojo

It can be easy to feel under pressure to embrace change and innovate, which creates challenges that cost money, time and team morale. It can start to damage your brand and your company culture.  

Open To Create... helps you to overcome these challenges by re-igniting your creativity, resilience and sense of play.

Whether it's a creative team away day, career coaching, a day enterprise workshop or festival event we are open to creating with you...

How we work with you is key to giving you high quality, good value for your investment. We are a values driven social enterprise with policies and procedures in place to be the best in our niche - read our Policies.

Our clients say


“Through working with Open To Create... I have been learning very valuable skills but what I really liked is the catching the momentum.”

— Simon Powell Founder of Fit 2 Trip, online insurance firm




“Working with Open To Create...was crucial for my professional development and helped to find myself.”

— Vanessa Gabriel Robinson, HE innovation manager, Founder of Instituto BR