You are creative and we champion your human right to freely express this, your way.

We facilitate you to re-ignite your creative thinking leaving you feeling empowered, more confident and resilient with a new set tools to enhance your everyday creativity.

2. confidence

When you are fully yourself you feel confident to create, innovate and step up to the challenges you face.

We facilitate you to raise your self esteem through re-engaging with your core personal vision and values. With these as your foundation you are confident to grow.

3. communication

When you feel fully heard you become more open to create and take risks within your life and team.

We facilitate you to learn and successfully use coaching based tools to improve more open discussions of ideas and strategy less likely to trigger a defensive or emotive response.


We collaborate with you to co-design services to achieve your personal and professional goals.

Through our ongoing creative collaborations we can hook you into our extensive networks within globally renowned museums and galleries, universities, start-ups and artists collectives.


Building creative communities creates happier, more sustainable people and neighbourhoods.

We encourage you to become more active in growing robust, healthy and sustainable communities.

As part of the global community we align our work to the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

By August 2018 we aim to become a B-Corp (Benefit Corporation).


When we walk our talk we act as a creative catalyst to inspire you to live out your vision and values.

We will facilitate you to tap into your wealth of existing skills, competencies and experience. When you are in touch with your creative credibility your feel on top of your game.


We know how much giving and importance of leaving a legacy for future generations is.

We inspire you to find the causes you want to contribute to through your work to sustain yourself, your clients, communitity and the planet. 

At Open To Create... we founded our Give As We Grow programme.   Give as We Grow scheme gives 10% of our annual work programmes to those for whom finances could be a barrier to entry.


We trade our time via Economy of Hours and we give a portion of our ticket sales to organisations aligned with our values The UK Hunger Project and ONCA.


We have supported the following partners through our Give as We Grow programme