Coaching Communication Courses at Idea Store

Working with the Programme and Assistant Programme Manager we drew up a curriculum to offer a taster workshop and a 5 week course in Coaching Communication Skills. In 2012 Open To Create... became the first provider of coaching communication skills on the Adult Learning Curriculum in Tower Hamlets.

The Open To Create... Coaching Communication Skills Course was designed to help those most likely to benefit, but for whom low or no income was a barrier.

We wanted to address the gaps we could see in more mainstream employability courses for those with non-work based experience and skills, such as parents returning to education or work after having children, older adults with limited experience of using computers and NEET young adults.

Since 2012 we have worked with more than 75 learners including working mums, staff from charities and corporate firms as part of their professional development programmes, and artists wanting to feel more confident to apply for paid work roles alongside their studies or practice.

“Before attending the creative coaching and SEE classes I lacked self-confidence in my ability to get the best from the staff and teams I managed at the V&A. Working with Anna gave me self-confidence and coaching tools to work in an authentic way with my colleagues and on my own professional development. This even led me to having the confidence to work freelance, and I now live between London and Barcelona running my own museum consultancy business.”

– Dana Cuello-Andrew, 2016


Client: Idea Store, a library and educational community centre initiated in 1999 by the Borough of Tower Hamlets.  

Venue: Idea Store, London

When: 2012 - 2016

What we did: We used the GROW model of coaching, The Wheel of Life, Emotional Intelligence and the Ethics of Coaching to form the basis of our programmes.

Each session included one to one, pair and group work. We designed our programme to support diverse learning preferences.