g adventures global marketing team away day

Open To Create... worked with the Marketing Manager in Canada to co-design a half-day creative thinking Away Day for 15 senior managers working in trade, partnership, digital,  social media and sales marketing.

The session was designed to kickstart a longer strategic planning summit in London with lightness, fun and focus.

We consulted via Skype to understand the company’s values, gain a strategic overview for the summit, and dig deeper into what wasn't working and where we could add value into the process.

The teams had been running around “like crazy,” the workplace culture and assumed pace of working patterns was affecting their ability to think clearly, let alone creatively.

Morale, sales and top talent were also being affected.

Feedback from participants on the day’s impact:

“Simply to increase more of my own creativity and spontaneity in all aspects of my life.”

“I love that we were encouraged to do what works for us with no judgement.”

 “Realising that being creative doesn't always have to mean revolutionary things that it can be small and everyday things that may not affect anyone but you.”

 “The opportunity to connect with the team in an inclusive, energising session & a reminder how creativity is everywhere.”

Key Facts:

Client: G Adventures is the largest small-group adventure travel company in the world, offering socially and environmentally sensitive travel. The company was founded in Toronto, Canada.

Venue: G Adventures London Base Camp, UK

When: Spring 2015 

What we did: “Creative ways in” activities re-ignited the creative thinking skills of team members, and one-to-one, pair, team and whole group work promoted togetherness and creative play. We themed the session ‘Travels around your infinitely creative, imaginative brains & shared co-collaborative amazing-ness!’