Creative Thinking Workshops with SMEs via Echo

We worked together with Echo’s Operations Manager to plan a series of half day Creative Thinking workshops for new and existing members.

Community members were facing 'creative blocks', were fearful of making next career steps, or running businesses and felt stuck in a rut with day to day tasks, versus being more creatively playful and strategic. Members who attended were artists, graphic designers, coaches, youth workers, bloggers, SME start-up founders and Echo team members.

We co-designed a best-fit set of workshops to run in community spaces and business start up hubs, such as Oxford House in Bethnal Green, Tower Hamlets and Launch 22 enterprise work hub in Old Street, Hackney.

We co-delivered Creative Thinking Life Hacker Breakfast sessions with Begin Anywhere in Spring 2016, as a 'beginners' guide to creative thinking over a healthy breakfast before the working day.

Each session included a range of light-hearted and easy to access, person-centred, hands-on making exercises, and group discussion about the nature of creative thinking and how each participant can best apply this in their personal and professional lives. After each session we sent on Creative Love Letters to remind participants of their experiences and learning.

Exercises included:

· Postcard tarot

· Bag of Creative Surprises

· Creative love letters

· Wheel of Life

· Zen Walk

Feedback included:

“I gained renewed focus and know the changes I want to make. Anna is very good and has a subtle way of getting us to our answers.”

Diane Cunningham, Place Making specialist, Founder of 

“It’s made me reflect on my own life goals and personal development.”

Geoff Gibson, photographer & film maker

“Highly recommend these, engaging and no pressure. You should offer these to businesses and Local Authorities.”

Selina Talukdar, ZEN sustainability network, East London 

“It’s been great for getting out of my comfort zone and meeting new individuals.”

Raphael, skater








Client: Echo brings together people and organisations across and beyond East London, UK, including businesses, charities, councils and leisure centres – to create a community-wide economy of hours, where the more you put in the more you get back - The Sharing Economy at its best.

One hour = One Echo, in a similar model to time banking.

Venues: Oxford House, London, UK

Hub 67, London, UK

Launch 22, London, UK

When: July 2015 – to date