diabetes uk direct Marketing Team Away Day

Open To Create... was invited to support a team-wide, strategic planning process with 15 senior direct marketing managers from Diabetes UK, at a time when the charity was facing strategic, governance and PR challenges.  

The charity was re-examining its internal practices, handling press scrutiny and direct marketing campaigns were being delayed or pulled. The charity had recently appointed a new CEO and plans to move to new offices were well under way.

Significant changes and feeling overwhelmed and under-inspired, were contributing to low staff morale, stuck thinking patterns and lower levels of campaign success.

The session aimed to inspire everyone to think laterally and to stimulate some abstract creative thinking to seek out the opportunities within. 

The focus of the session was on how each individual team member's strengths, competencies and skills could contribute more widely within the team for more fun and resilience regardless of successes during challenging times.

We co-designed the day, which consisted of activities, personal reflection, pair, small and whole group work 

Feedback from participants on the day’s impact:

“I've learnt I'm more creative than I think and how to approach things from different angles”

 “Good length of course with good activities”

“A good half day of looking and thinking about things differently” 

“An open session that encouraged everyone to join in to the level they were comfortable”

“I can now think of a way to represent something that isn't literal” 

“I've learnt the answers are not yes or no all the time”

 “Thank you for opening our minds some more! And looking at things through different lenses, art, sounds and movement.”

Key Facts:

Client: Diabetes UK is the "leading UK charity that cares for, connects with and campaigns on behalf of all people affected by and at risk of diabetes”.

Venue: The Arlington Centre, Camden, London, UK

When: Spring 2016

 What we did: A half day session with activities including Bag of Creative Surprises, Spatial Goal Setting, Postcard Tarot. Participants were also asked to bring in an object that told the story of how they could ‘create a revolution in understanding and support’.