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“Before attending the creative coaching and SEE classes I lacked self-confidence in my ability to get the best from the staff and teams I managed at the V&A. Working with Anna gave me self-confidence and coaching tools to work in an authentic way with my colleagues and on my own professional development. This even led me to having the confidence to work freelance, and I now live between London and Barcelona running my own museum consultancy business.”

Dana Andrew, Freelance Museum & Gallery Consultant


“Anna worked together with different department teams in the Foundation to plan and organise a hands on creative workshop for our organisation’s all staff away day based around the theme of creativity and how to implement that in the workplace. The day was an absolute success mainly due to Anna’s great vision and imagination and ability to draw in different people into collaborating and taking part in a fun ‘mini exhibition’ workshop. The feedback from her workshop was fantastic and the learning from it helped our staff to their jobs in a more creative and dynamic way. Staff have asked for more workshops like this in the future.”

— David Mendez, Mental Health Foundation, 2014


“Open To Create... has the genuine positive energy that enables me to share myself as an artist.”

— Jodie Sadler, artist & founder of Be Smart Choose Art print making business


“I have gained via Open To Create... networking, discovering other like minds, and it’s been really affirming, for me and my own work and what I am starting to put out there in the world, to meet people with similar interests and work ethics”

— Jess Tanner artist, educator, musician SW UK


“Working with Open To Create... was revolutionary to the way our regional marketing teams at G Adventures work. We went from being the ‘doers’ to embracing creativity in everything we do – from running reports, to creating design briefs for designers. Working with Anna helped channel creativity in everything we do, and made turning the most routine tasks in to having fun. Anna was warm, engaging, and was able to relate to a whole range of personalities.” 

— Aizaz Sheikh, Marketing Manager (Canada), G Adventures


“Anna Sexton is a wonderful and inspiring woman. She is full of creativity and working with her is as playful as efficient. Her tools and techniques are different which makes you go further and uses all of your senses. She challenges you, helps you think broader and out of the box. After my sessions with Anna, my project of opening Zest For Life Studio suddenly made total sense. It was the right journey to pursue after 10 years of marketing and being a mum of two young kids ...”

— Marion Bignone Founder of Zest For Life Zumba dance studio London UK



“Our team away day went beyond my exceptions re. collaboration, community spirit and the sense of making something together, and the great location added so much.”

— Participant from The Victoria and Albert Museum Touring Exhibitions team away day 2015


“I think that Anna is very ‘real’ in her approach and I admire her positivity and honesty. She has an element of clarity which is easy to understand. She is like a bottle of fizzy tonic!”

— Sue Russell artist, educator, Devon, UK